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Important Tax updates 04/29/2020

Some metro counties waive penalties for tax payments made by July 15th

In response to the hardship on taxpayers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, at least two counties have set up policies to waive penalties that would otherwise accrue for late payment of first half taxes, due on May 15th, 2020. Each policy has limitations, and each requires payment to be made by July 15th, 2020:

  • Hennepin County will permit non-escrowed taxpayers with a first-half bill of less than $50,000 for all properties to pay taxes due by July 15th without penalty. For taxpayers owing more than $50,000, taxpayers are expected to make the required full first half payment by May 15th. However, starting May 16th, the county auditor will entertain requests to waive penalties if less than the full first half due was paid. No guidelines for what would constitute grounds for a waiver of penalty have been issued, but are expected to be posted on the county website on or after May 1.


  • Ramsey County will permit taxpayers with homesteads small businesses with annual property tax bills of less than $50,000, and certain non-homestead residential property to pay taxes due by July 15th without penalty. The extension is only available to non-escrowed taxpayers.


  • Washington County will permit taxpayers with total tax bills of $100,000 or less to extend the first half payment deadline to July 15th, 2020. This extension is available only to non-escrow taxpayers.


  • Dakota County will permit an extension to July 15th without limitation to amount owed. This extension is not available to escrow taxpayers, nor to utility, railroad, machinery or transmission line properties.


  • Olmsted County, Mower County, Kandiyohi County, Houston County and Crow Wing County also have tax payment extension policies. Consult the County website for the rules and limitations that apply.

Be sure to read the County’s rules for qualifying for this relief. If you have property in another county not listed here, check that county’s website to see if there is a policy that has been put in place. Otherwise, first-half taxes are still due by May 15th, 2020.

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